Saby Socks Started the socks production in 1994. Our company always follows the technological developments and grows up every days. It continues the production of socks with technological developed and computerized machines and technical and experienced staff.

Our company has facilities to produce the men, women, kids, babies socks as well tights in his modern institutions with technical and experienced staff and exports its products especially to USA, UK, France , Italia and other europen countries. It supplies the products to the very famous companies in europe and in our country. Its first principals are quality ,aesthetic and customers glads.

Our company contains the confection , washing and packing divisions in its structure. Our products are controlled in every step of production by experienced staff. We give importance to the quality and aesthetic of our products and gladness of the customers in every step of the producion. It supplies the qualified and good designed socks for the need of the sectors with competitive prices with the experiences which are gained by the years and with experienced staff.

Saby Socks enjoys to supply the different kinds of the socks to its customers and gives importance to its collections and customers collections as well. It follows the world socks sector and fashion of the time and consider them in producing new items .

Social Responsibility; We protect workers’ rights. We aim to help them work and live in safe and humanitarian conditions. Fair living wages are among our rules to prevent child labor and not to employ people.