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As Saby Socks, we continue our work system by giving priority to the "Human" factor in all activities related to product production and by giving importance to the product, system, and quality in line with the understanding of efficient work. As sock manufacturers in Turkey are serving every region of the world. As a corporate company, we continue to work with a customer satisfaction guarantee. You can get the quality at the best price but from us. You can take advantage of our free consultancy service. We have reached the target of success with years of experience in the socks manufacturing sector.
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Best Sock Manufacturers in Europe

Since our establishment, we have acquired an excellent attitude and working principle by having a programmed and stable growth graph. As Saby Socks, we manufacture socks in every model and for all ages. Our company, which prioritizes customer satisfaction, tries to offer the best quality of service by trying to offer quality at the most affordable prices. It manufactures children's socks, women's socks and men's socks with its perfect manufacturing system. It exhibits eye-catching works with aesthetic views and magnificent models.

Socks, one of the indispensable clothes of the winter months, are always ready for the task to keep our feet warm. Various socks are always sold in the textile industry. With their varieties such as thin, thick, colorful or flat, they create a wide area of ​​choice for people. Socks, which became continuous production with the development of technology, have been an investment tool by many people.

Saby Socks is a part of the socks world from Turkey and to export all over the world. If you are wondering who is the best socks manufacturer, the answer is here.

Wholesale socks that we produce by considering human health are produced by using organic threads harmless to health. The socks manufacturing sector is a sector that will never end, so the competition is high.

However, there are some necessary conditions for the production of quality socks. These;

  • Making socks using 100% organic cotton
  • Manufacturing in compliance with ISO 9001 quality standards
  • Ensuring environmental, economic and social sustainability
  • Using recycled materials in socks manufacturing
  • Materials that are harmless to human health should be used.

Besides, cooperation should be made with different environmental organizations and investments should be made to leave a beautiful world to the next generations.

When you examine our Saby Socks website, all of our works that you will see in the social responsibility and certifications section are made to leave a better world for future generations. We are the best sock manufacturer company in Turkey. We also manufacture socks for private brands.

The materials you will use will directly affect the quality of the socks you will produce. Since one of the main products is yarn, you should prefer quality ones. Some yarn types are; Combed cotton, wool, cashmere, silk, nylon, and elastane.

First of all, you should program the raw materials you prepared for the stages you will pass. These stages are preparing the pattern and adjusting the threads according to the socks type. You should also upload the socks sizes to the machine.

Then the socks go to a separate section and prepare for the nose seam. After preparing the nose, it is taken to ironing. Labeling of socks that are assured of quality control is done. Then it is made ready for packaging by matching with each other. Packaged products are either put in storage or prepared for delivery.

Sock manufacturing is carried out quickly in this order. As Saby Socks, we work very fast for the production of private brand socks. If you are looking for a wholesale socks manufacturer, you are in the right place.

We are the best sock manufacturers in Turkey. If you are looking for private label sock manufacturers with an appropriate price please contact us.

We can manufacture;

  • Man socks
  • Women socks
  • Child socks
  • Sport socks
  • Custom socks

As a result, if you are looking for custom sock manufacturers we are here to serve you. We are in the middle of Europe in Turkey / Istanbul.

The answer to the question of how much a pair of socks is produced is variable. Because socks production is done by using different materials. Thickness, length, and shortness of the socks are among the factors affecting socks manufacturing.

If you want to have detailed information about the socks manufacturing cost, just contact us. We are private label sock manufacturers based in Turkey. If you are looking for custom sock manufacturers near me (you) call and get detailed information from us.

As Saby Socks, we produce high-quality socks suitable for human health and our costs increase naturally. We always say, what matters is human health. In this context, we try to do our best.

If you want to choose good socks brands, take a look at the companies we work with. The brands we manufacture wholesale socks are very good and successful companies.