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In daily wear, socks are among the indispensable products. Thin Babette socks in summer and thick warm socks in winter are all our favorites. Sock manufacturing is a highly detailed job. Therefore, it should be done by experienced and expert companies. As Saby Socks, we have been working in the socks manufacturing sector since 1993.
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Custom Sock Manufacturers Europe

We want you to trust our experience and knowledge and work with us. We are the first company that comes to mind when innovation is called socks. If you are looking for a Turkish socks manufacturer, we are at your service with our team. We have been exporting socks abroad since 2000.

We are the best private label sock manufacturers in Europe.

Who is the best sock manufacturer in Turkey? When asked, the first company that comes to mind is Saby Socks. The reason for this is that we have a very deep history and we are an expert company in socks manufacturing. At the bottom of our website, you can instantly follow the socks we have produced and continue to produce.

Socks, which are among the sub-sector product groups of the ready-to-wear and textile sector, are an important element of both production and exports.

Our country, which is the supplier that exports after China and Italy. Sources say that we are in second place in the European Union market. According to the results of the socks production research, it is stated that while the Marmara region is specifically mentioned as Istanbul Province, the socks production of the Anatolian Region is considered as an attractive investment region for these reasons.

We meet at least 10% of the world's socks need. We have a constantly growing and developing structure in the socks manufacturing sector. We attach great importance to innovation in socks. We can explain the sock's innovation as follows.

Innovation of Socks

  • We manufacture organic cotton socks.
  • We attach importance to recycling and work with 0 waste logic.
  • And, We use materials that will not harm human health.
  • We work for a sustainable world.

As you can see, we do not only look at the event with a pair of socks. Socks should be a product that should integrate with the shoes that color our lives, prevent our feet from getting cold in the cold when necessary and prevent our feet from sweating in the summer.

The manufacturing cost of a pair of socks varies. Because the materials used in socks production vary. For example, summer socks have a thinner structure and are more affordable. However, since the winter socks are produced using thicker threads, the cost is higher.

If you want to get detailed information about the cost of manufacturing and wholesale socks socks socks with the best prices you can contact the manufacturer of Turkey Saby Socks. We are a company where you can get quality at an affordable price.

If you are looking for sock manufacturers Turkey we are here to serve you. We are the best sock manufacturers in Europe.

We are working with so many private labels. Also, we are private label sock manufacturers from Turkey. If you are wondering about the world's largest sock manufacturers you are in the right place. Saby is here to manufacture your private labels socks.

The answer to this question is quite simple. Saby Socks. Because Saby, with its superior experience and knowledge, has been successful in the socks manufacturing sector for nearly 30 years. We manufacture socks for every foot and every budget, including women's socks, men's socks, children's socks.

  • Woman socks

We manufacture ladies' sockets, sneakers, pantyhose, ski and running socks from cotton or functional yarns (Coolmax, tactel, bamboo, Tencel) according to customers' requests. They can all be custom made or in different colors and designs.

  • Men's Socks

We manufacture men's sockets, sneakers, ski and running socks from cotton or functional yarns (Coolmax, tactel, bamboo, Tencel) according to the wishes of the customers. As in women's socks, custom products can be made in men's socks.

  • Children's Socks

We manufacture socks, sneakers, ski pantyhose made of cotton or functional yarns according to the wishes of the customers.

  • Hosiery: (pantyhose - tights)

We manufacture baby, kids and women's pantyhose from cotton or functional yarns according to the wishes of the customers.

Note: All our socks have quality certificates and absolutely no harmful material is used in production. Our company has a GOTS certificate within the scope of international organic standards and produces very high quality and durable, hygienic socks.

And ıf you are looking for custom sock manufacturers, we are the best one.

Although the color of the most popular socks is black today, colorful unisex socks types are also preferred now. This stocking brings to mind the concept of no gender. Regardless of whether they are men or women, everyone has the freedom to wear the socks they want and the patterns they want. For this reason, we do not restrict socks manufacturing, we can produce the desired color for both men's and women's socks.

  • After all, socks are freedom!

As a result; sock is an important part of our lives. It shows our characters. We are the custom sock manufacturers for private sock companies. And we are centered in Istanbul Turkey as sock manufacturers.

For more information please contact us.