Since 1994

Turkey's Leading
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SABY Socks is one of the leading socks manufacturers in the sock sector with its machinery, technology, and wide range of products.

Since 1994


Presenting art of creating and industrialising socks!


We are using modern, technological and environmentally friendly socks production processes.

We are using the latest technology in our production process of Saby Socks. We are not using any harmful materials in our raw materials. Especially we are using recyclable materials in our production process. Sustainability is an important issue for us. We care about the sustainability of our socks. And so,

  • Vertical integration
  • Industrialization excellence
  • Maximization of efficiencies
  • Continuous mitigation of cost drivers
  • Embrace of Lean Manufacturing practices
  • Developing original innovative disruptive workflow processes
  • Original innovations in article properties & product development
  • Dedication and commitment to ever-increasing sustainability and environment-related initiatives

So we are giving the guarantee of our socks. For more information please contact us.

We continue our socks production quality control process meticulously.

  • Sock length
  • Stretch of the sock
  • Color measurement
  • Machine settings used in production
  • Approved sample form

Processes like above are done during socks quality control processes. After quality control processes, production approval is obtained and then quality control processes continue in all production processes.

Production Processes

  • Thread Warehouse:

For yarn/ thread warehouse information, the parcel-ID tracking method is applied via hand terminals. Besides, shelf tracking is performed and location-based LOT tracking is tracked on the system. Based on production orders, warehouse stock amounts can be compared and Raw Material (Yarn) Requirements Planning (MRP) reports can be obtained.

  • Knitting Process:

Knitting machines (about 1.000 pieces) performances and work orders are on the system and the instant status of the machines is tracked through the system. Knitted socks are carried with crates.

Data matrix barcode is created with mobile devices in each safe and it is tracked with this barcode until the packaging point. The transportation of the cases takes place with the conveyor system and at the quality control point, the industrial barcode reader and weighing system make the final control before proceeding to the post-mesh stage.

The system automatically rejects the carrier cases that cannot pass the quality control and the system automatically guides the reject conveyor.

  • Sock Nose Closure:

Quality control processes are performed through mobile hand terminals in the socks closing process. Semi-finished products that cannot pass the quality control criteria reject the system before proceeding to the next production process.

  • Moldhouse:

Socks that are passed through steam machines at high temperatures are ironed out of these machines. In this section, final quality control is made. The final checks are made by 4 quality controllers on the table with 8 holes. Each hole represents a fault type. Each hole has sensors and counts according to the type of fire socks thrown in the hole. In this way, waste is analyzed according to the order number and order product. Also here products are packed and labeled.

  • RFID Check:

Some of the private companies that produce socks use RFID tags for socks. Products tagged with RFID are checked in the molding room. This control is provided with the established RFID Antenna and conveyor, and 100% control is ensured that the boxes passed over are the correct product and number.

  • Shipment:

Depending on the order numbers of the products brought to the shipping area, mobile hand terminals are delivered via the system.


Clients’ specific sourcing demands to supply products in certain regions can be served by factories Saby will set-up in such regions, customized to produce the articles needed. Saby ensures maintaining quality, manufacturing and efficiencies standards, as well as continuous monitoring of workflow processes and cost drivers.


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